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Working with 30+ Global SAP SE Market Units for over 16 years has enabled us to align closely with SAP’s strategies and services.

We are currently a Preferred Agency to SAP across 17 EMEA countries: SAP Belgium, SAP Denmark, SAP Estonia, SAP Finland, SAP Greece, SAP Hungary, SAP Italy, SAP Latvia, SAP Lithuania, SAP Luxembourg, SAP Netherlands, SAP Norway, SAP Portugal, SAP SE, SAP Spain, SAP Sweden, SAP United Kingdom.

Outside of EMEA we are also a Preferred Agency for SAP MENA, SAP Africa, SAP North West Africa, SAP South Africa, SAP India, SAP Japan, SAP China, SAP South Korea and SAP Hong Kong.

We have an internal department dedicated exclusively to servicing resource requests from the SAP corporation, guaranteeing a unique level of responsiveness and quality of candidate delivery. We never ‘dilute’ our search efforts for very short duration requests – a ‘1 day vacancy’ will be met with the same effectiveness as a ‘1 year resource’ request. Our KPI is to provide 3 suitably skilled, available candidates within 4 hours of receiving the request from the Resource Management team.

Our team ensures exceptional customer service throughout the vacancy lifecycle. We keep in touch with candidates and regularly update them on their application, providing any feedback. If they are unsuccessful, we will attempt to find another suitable opportunity.

We provide access to professional bodies and networks such as umbrella organisations and international tax specialists to ensure full local commercial compliancy.

Like SAP, strategically, we are both Product and Industry focused, and we operate extensively within SAP’s ecosystem of partners specifically for Third Party Billable Services.

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