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Specialist solutions for your SAP recruitment needs

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We’re the trusted recruitment and training partner to thousands of businesses worldwide.

Staffing Solutions

With our industry expertise, we are well-placed to help your business recruit the top talent from our global network of thousands of SAP professionals. Whether you’re looking for permanent team members or contract staff, we pride ourselves on finding you the best SAP candidates – fast! We work transparently, operating with open terms and rates with all parties. Nothing is hidden!

Permanent staffing

(also known as Direct Hire)

We identify and recommend the best-qualified SAP professionals for your organisation on a full-time basis. We charge a one-time fee payable when the applicant starts his or her employment. We operate both a retained and contingent service, depending on your staffing requirements.

Contract staffing

(Also known as Freelance or Subcontract hire)

There are many reasons why businesses turn to us for help with Subcontractor Services solutions. There may be an internal skills shortage or perhaps existing suppliers can’t deliver. You may find you have unforeseen resource gaps appearing, or need to staff up to meet urgent deadlines. We enable customers to find specialists with scarce or in-demand skills and we can help in geographical regions where sourcing the right person may be challenging.

Subcontractor Service

This is based on an Individual Statement of Work (SOW) or a Time & Material-based purchase.


What are your options?

  • Multi-currency options
  • Hourly or daily rates
  • Self-billing and Timesheet system
  • Utilisation options: Full time, Part time, Remote, Onsite
  • With or without Expense Travel policy options
  • Language skills options
  • Compliance and avoidance of employee misclassification
  • Rate card
  • Volume rebate schemes
  • Fixed price for Project Team
  • Consolidated timesheet and invoice processing for Project Team

Our industry specialists identify and recommend SAP professionals – both individuals and teams – to join your organisation for a particular assignment or for a limited time. We engage the client and consultant on reciprocal contracts. Our fee is the difference between the rate we charge to the client, and the rate paid to the contractor.

Project Team

Our Project Team solutions provide businesses with a full team of subcontractors, based on a Fixed Price Statement of Work.

What are your options?

  • We will submit a proposal detailing how your project objectives can be achieved without the need to partner with an S.I.
  • Based on your requirements, we will calculate the required man hours needed to deliver your project
  • Working with our global network of trusted experts across all SAP disciplines, we will build a team a team of experts
  • You pay one price, paid when you are satisfied the brief has been delivered
  • We incentive our teams to deliver quickly and to exceed expectations